Adult Role Play is Child’s Play

Ryan M

There are various possibilities as to why or how people develop fetishes or become infatuated with interesting fantasies. Without going into the science of fetishism, let’s explore a community of people who’ve gained increased attention over the past few years, adult baby diaper lovers, also known as ABDL.

ABDL refers to adults who have a fetish or sexual interest in dressing like or pretending to be a baby. There’s a common misconception people think it’s the inappropriate desire to engage in sexual contact with children or babies. It is, rather, a community who enjoys items and activities related to behaving like or playing the role of a child.

Once you’ve wiped off that surprised look, take a moment to view this unique interest from a different perspective. Think about life children are accustomed to and your shocked expression may quickly turn to a smile. Free from responsibilities, bills, and worries, this was a time filled with playful memories most adults wish they had back, even just for a day. There were so many fun toys and dolls, spirited items that made cool sounds, and even clothes that were incredibly soft and cuddly.

There are various elements to this community. Some interactions involve role-playing where they dress up as babies and pretend to be cared for by a parent. A lot of people are fans of roleplay, but not many envision this to be on the list as a bedroom appetizer. For those who indulge in the more familiar form of role play, it’s the sexy outfits, the creation of alter egos, and the most satisfying element, the temporary escape from the current existence that generates this exciting experience. For the ADBL community, the sentiments are the same, however, the details are different.

Some of these details involve props a baby would utilize. The community loves to wear diapers, suck on pacifiers, and even sleep in oversized cribs. Some find the use of these items soothing, which has nothing to do with sexual arousal. Members embrace a sense of innocence from objects associated with being a child and therefore, disassociate themselves from any current stress or anxiety.  

Even though you may choose to keep the role-playing for the sexy maid outfits and police uniforms, don’t judge the stress-free life of walking around the house in a onesie. If you choose to partake, visit Heather’s Pleasures, a leading retailer in ABDL products.

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